2014 Thirty One Productions Rose

2014 Thirty One Productions Rose


For every bottle of Thirty One Productions Rosé sold, Prime Cellar will donate $20 to the Women’s Wisdom Initiative ( WWI ), a nonprofit empowering women through the healing arts and bringing awareness to humanitarian inequities facing women worldwide. By tapping into women’s traditional methods of community building and creative self expression, the WWI seek to enable survivors of violence to heal from their experience and be inspired to take action to end gender based oppression in their lives and communities. Your purchase of Thirty One Productions Rosé can make a real difference in people’s lives. This wine is dedicated with gratitude to the memory of Wendy West Brenninkmeijer, a strong proponent and director of The Women’s Wisdom Initiative.

Thirty One Productions 2014 Rosé was created by cult winemaker Martha McClellan after the 2014 harvest using the Saignée method. With this technique, Martha allowed a portion of free run juice to run off from the just-crushed Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Thirty One Productions’ Toymaker project. The juice was then separated from the skins, fermented in tank in cold temperature and bottled last spring. Made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon   of top hillside Napa Valley vineyards, this rosé is medium-bodied with a crisp and refreshing flavor profile of crushed strawberries and cherries. It is a delicious aperitif wine that will also pair beautifully with light fare, such as salads, veal and pasta dishes.

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