10 DIY Wine Racks

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We’ve put together a list of 10 wine racks anyone can make!

A home wine rack is a great solution to short term wine bottle storage. Even better, you can easily make one yourself! These are just a few beautiful designs to get you started!

Wall Wine Holder from Rogue Engineer
A four bottle wine rack.

This simple design is a funky and fun focal point in any kitchen. It takes minutes to build, costs next to nothing, and is perfect for a small space or wherever you might need to quickly grab a bottle.

Sewing Table Wine Rack from Reality Daydream
A table with storage for wine bottles below complete with cool blue lights.

This repurposed sewing table is truly stunning! This is a great project for the experienced do-it-yourselfer and is guaranteed to wow family and friends. And it lights up!

Leather Wine And Stemware Rack from Reality Daydream
A vertical wooden wine rack with two wine bottles and two glasses.

Put your favorite wines on this wall-mounted rack complete with space for stemware. Another great rack for small spaces!

Murphy Bar Wine Rack from Brit & Co.
A fold-down bar cabinet and wine rack with drinks and bottles.

This wine rack is also a cocktail bar so you don’t have to limit yourself to just grapes! 😉 You can make this rack for around $50 so in addition to being a space-saver, this wine rack is a money-saver.

DIY Wine Rack from Shanty 2 Chic
A vertical wooden wine rack holding five wine bottles.

This beautiful design can hold 5 bottles securely anchored to your wall. The best detail is the addition of cute and functional labels. It’s a wine rack and a piece of art.

PVC Wine Rack from HomeCrux
A large black and red wine rack made from PVC pipes.

This wine rack knocks it out of the park design-wise. Not strictly a DIY, but you can easily strap some painted PVC sections together with some ratchet tie down straps.

Countertop Wine Rack from Lowe’s
An orange wine rack holding five bottles of wine.

This wine rack is so simple to make but looks like a high concept artwork. Get the plans from Lowe’s and the supplies there, too.

Leather Wine Rack from The Merry Thought
A rope wine rack and wine bottle.

This leather wine rack only holds 4 bottles but it holds them really well! This rack is so awesome you’ll want to hold everything you own with rope!

Ikea Tarva Wine Cabinet from Addicted 2 Diy
A blue wine and bar cabinet.

Hacking IKEA is a great American pastime these days and this wine rack is a perfect example. Transform a Tarva chest of drawers into a beautiful bar cabinet.

Twine Wine Rack from Home Stories A to Z
A wine rack on a table laden with food and wine.

Wow, this wine rack looks like it’s being held together by magic! (Hint: it’s not magic, it’s aluminum!) This 16-bottle rack is sure to be the centerpiece of any table.

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