Autumn Wines

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Autumn Wine

Autumn is here and although we’ll miss the cookouts, swimming pools, and vacations, there’s a lot to look forward to as the seasons change such as family holidays, fall weather, and the gorgeous changing foliage. While we’re not quite ready to break out the Cabernet, one important consolation of summer’s end is the chance to switch out the rosé and white wine for amazing wines that pair well with brisk fall evenings.


Also known as fall in a glass, a rich Zinfandel is a perfect reflection of the flavors of autumn: jam, smoke, cinnamon, raisin, chocolate, and tobacco.


Grenache is a one the friendliest of the fall-friendly wines. Dried strawberry, herbs, raspberries, and sweet kirsh will whisk you away like an autumn breeze.

Cabernet Franc

Ditch the fruit-forward wines and go for savory Cabernet Franc. Bell pepper, chocolate, and dark spice add up to an amazing and complex wine.

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Along the Sonoma Coast, the cooling air of the Pacific Ocean produces dynamic Pinot Noir with notes of black plums, tilled soil, and mineral.


Rieslings are the perfect autumn afternoon wine, best enjoyed before evening temperatures fall. Crisp acidity, light brightness and zingy, tart, fresh flavors – a sunny autumn day in a glass!

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