High-End Wine Collection Must-Haves

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High-End Wine Collection Must-Haves

Every wine collection is a unique constellation of bottles based on personal taste. There are, however, some wine regions and categories that every respectable collection should represent. Here are some of our picks you should find in any high-end wine collection.


Bordeaux is still king when it comes to any collection worth discussing. Get some of these bottles and you’re halfway to a world-class cellar.


If Bordeaux is king, Burgundy is the queen. These wine would complete any great wine collection and even satisfy the most diehard Burgundy fan.

California Cult

Cult wine from Napa, Sonoma, et al is always in vogue, so you should always have some in your cellar.

The Rest

Champagne, Italian reds, and everything else that belong in any collection.

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