How We Store Our Wine

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One question we hear all the time is How do you store your wine? We understand that this is a central question for wine lovers and collectors. Wine is a delicate substance and maintaining its attributes while encouraging even more favorable ones to emerge over the course of years is truly an art form.

Dangers to Wine

The three dangers to wine in the long term are sunlight, humidity, and temperature.

While time can be wine’s most important ally, if stored in the wrong environment, time can become its worst enemy. The three dangers to wine in the long term are sunlight, humidity, and temperature.

  • Exposure to direct sunlight can do extreme damage to wine, but it is, of course, the easiest to guard against.
  • Humidity is thought to play a role in maintaining the integrity of the wine bottle’s cork: low humidity dries out the cork and allows oxygen to enter the bottle. Although there is debate among professionals on the true impact of humidity on wine storage, there is consensus on the fact that regulating humidity levels at least does no harm.
  • Temperature is by far the most important and difficult variant to manage. Temperatures that are too high or too low can damage wine’s delicate structure, adding undesirable notes and smells. Although extreme cold can be detrimental, heat is the most damaging environmental threat to wine. High temperatures can age wine prematurely and even wipe out flavors. And lastly, while the overall temperature is significant, temperature fluctuations can be just as damaging, as sudden changes can force air into or out of the bottle.

Our Warehouse

Warehouse door.
The door to our climate-controlled inner storage area.

All of our wine is stored in a professional climate-controlled warehouse that maintains a constant humidity of 70% and a constant temperature of 55°F, settings that are standard industry-wide. Our wine is never moved from our warehouse until we are ready to ship it to you. We take pride in our collection and we work hard to ensure that our wine is kept in optimal conditions. At Prime Cellar, we believe that if a wine is worth investing in, it’s worth keeping it in the best conditions possible.

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