Producer Spotlight: Champagne Savart

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Savart Champagne

Frederic “Fred” Savart is a one-man operation in every sense of the word. From his tiny 10 acre Premier Cru plot just south of Reims, Savart applies a driven, artisanal approach to every part of his production. Savart farms the clay-based soils of Ecueil completely organically and without pesticides.

Savart’s wines have become favorites among sommeliers and wine geeks not only because of their scarcity. Their combination of vibrancy and flavor display a fierce individuality that makes no apologies for itself, and it is this quality that comes through in every glass.

L’Accomplie is pale gold in the glass and smells of sweet white flowers and green apples. In the mouth, round floral sweetness of apple and grapefruit. Elegant, distinctive, and delicious.

L’Ouverture is crafted from 100% Pinot Noir, showing a gorgeous golden hue in the glass. Aromas of crisp apple and pear dominate, with a palate equally fruit-forward, coupled with a strong chalky minerality.

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