The French love a bureaucracy

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If there is one talent that the French have aside from winemaking, it would be their penchant for regulations. From what can grow where to how much you can harvest, the French wine world is tightly regulated. Every once in a while someone comes along and bucks the standard to create something truly great. This is exactly where Domaine Trevallon sits in the world of wine.

Having ditched the regulations of the AOC in 1991 to continue to produce the wines they believe in, the Dürrbach family have been producing some of the most compelling wines in France since the mid-1970s. Using an unusual bend of 50% Syrah and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, the wines of Domaine Trevallon are extremely long-lived and powerful. This unusual blend requires them to “demote” their wines to a lowly Table Wine, however, we like to think of these more as a hidden gem, the last bargain in France.


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