Weird Wine Gifts

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Weird Wine Gifts

It’s weird, it’s wine, it’s a weird wine gift! Some are funny, some cost money, some are just downright bawdy! Mix it up this holiday season with these quirky gifts, perfect for your weird friends!

Wooden Wine Glasses

Sip a mellow chardonnay or an aged cabernet sauvignon in these beautiful black walnut wine glasses. Wood can help mellow any bitter notes in a wine, allowing more subtle flavors to come to the foreground.

Snow Ski Wine Rack

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur or an expert skier to appreciate this innovative way to display your favorite vino. The bottles are stored on their sides to properly maintain the wine’s integrity, while the reclaimed skis, slightly weathered from use, add a touch of fun and excitement.

Wine Barrel Pet Bed

When your pet needs comfort from something that is unique and one of a kind, the Wine Barrel Pet Bed is the solution. Handcrafted from Reclaimed Wine Barrels, giving a second life to these beautiful barrels. This model also includes a storage area, just lift up to store favorite toys.

Dinosaur Wine Bottle Stoppers

Seal an open bottle of your favorite vintage with the sauropod, a fierce T-rex, or an elaborately ornamented stegosaurus. Each stopper is handcrafted by lampwork artisans using open flame torches to melt and delicately shape colored glass into detailed figures, creating pieces that are both playful and elegant.

Wine Condoms

Ever hesitated on opening that second bottle of wine? No more. Wine Condoms are a great solution to preserving wine. Our super seal prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling the wine. The perfect gift for wine lovers.

Wooden Wine Dispenser

Boxed wine in a sophisticated vintage-inspired design? Just add a boxed wine bag, or the included bag filled with a favorite beverage, to the hand-crafted pine dispenser. A ramp inside helps the flow, and removable scrolled feet means no dragging to the edge of the table or counter.

The Wine Rack

Keep more than just your money in your bra. This funny wine gift bra holds 25 ounces of your choice of beverage and comes with a long drinking tube fitted with a valve. Fits bra sizes 34A through 34D and allows you to keep hydrated wherever you may be.

Wine Bottle Illuminator

Parting with a bottle of your favorite vino is bittersweet. Next time, keep it, and turn it into a luminous centerpiece with this clever design. The metal light slides into most glass wine bottles, emitting an elegant, tempered glow. Choose from the warm white or color-changing option, which stays lit in one hue or cycles through the rainbow.

Wine Tennis Santa

Tennis anyone? This terrifying monstrosity is accented in Christmas colors from his red headband to his red and white tennis sneakers. His tennis bag has room for his racquet as well as a favorite bottle (or two) for after the game. Meticulously handmade with hand-painted face, soft snowy beard, glass inset eyes and exquisitely detailed accessories.

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