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2015 Bordeaux: Back to the Forefront of Wine!

A Sad Passing…

Exciting Time for Wine!

Wow, it is already March and time seems to be flying! For wine lovers it is already an exciting year with so much great wine being available from all over...

Recharging the Batteries: Winter in Napa Valley!

Where does a wine specialist go for a weekend getaway vacation to re charge his batteries and rejuvenate the soul after the busy holiday season? How about Napa Valley! That...

Praying for a Snowy and Prosperous New Year!

As most of you know, my main employment is in the retail wine business and the last 8 weeks of the year are really tough. I make a quick trip...

Reflections on a Quick Trip to Asia…

It has been two long years since my last trip to Asia for PrimeCellar so I was even more excited than usual. My trip started with a midnight flight Monday...

2015 Harvest Report: California/Bordeaux

Wine lovers around the world will be very pleased with the 2015 vintage from California and Bordeaux. It does not happen often that the more difficult growing season occurred in...

The 2015 Vintage in California will not soon be forgotten!

As I reported in this column in July, the 2015 vintage in California has indeed turned out to be hot year with an early harvest and lighter than average production....

When in Doubt it’s Ch. Latour !

Customers have asked me this question over and over again for a few decades now; if you could choose just one wine to drink on your last day of life...

Sizzling Summer Whites!

Dear PrimeCellar members and friends, I hope you and your families are enjoying the warm summer weather. I have just returned from a two week vacation with my 11 year...

Bordeaux 2014: A Return to Relevance!

I often refer to the weather in Bordeaux as turbulent and erratic and this always seems to surprise people. The famous worldwide reputation this region has earned leads people to...

The Iconic Grgich Hills Comes to PrimeCellar!

Words can hardly express how excited I was to hear that PrimeCellar would be representing the iconic Napa Valley wines from Grgich Hills Estate in Asia. You don’t often get...

My Love Affair with Zinfandel…

Where do you start when describing a love affair that started almost 40 years ago and changed your life forever; I suppose at the beginning. The year was 1978 and...

Double Gold Medals for Kelleher Family Wines!

When I received the news that the Kelleher Family 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, “Block 21” and 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon both won Gold medals at the American Fine Wine Competition my first...

Happy New Year of the Green Wood Goat / Sheep / Ram!

Break out the Ch. Mouton Rothschild! Well I have to admit that when I started writing this I had no idea that I myself am a Green Wood Goat being...

Napa Valley 2014: Shaky but Strong!

As you most likely know by now the drought stricken Napa Valley got a very strong wakeup call on August 24th at 3:20 am when a 6.0 earthquake rolled thru...

The Home Stretch for the 2014 Vintage!

On my visits to Hong Kong some of my fondness memories have come at the fantastic race courses of Happy Valley and Sha-Tin where I have experienced some very good...

Sizzling Summer Whites!

Dear Prime Cellar members and friends, I hope you and your families are enjoying the warm summer weather. I have just returned from a two week vacation with my 11...

Fete de La Fleur!

As we move into the month of July one of the most critical aspects of the 2014 vintage has just occurred in the vineyards and that is the flowering of...