Wine for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Wine

Picking out the perfect wine for your Thanksgiving meal doesn’t have to be difficult. Given the variety of foods and flavors served at a typical Thanksgiving feast – dark meat, white meat, tart cranberries, sweet yams – you’re better off presenting your guests with a range of options suited both to different foods and different palates.

Red Wine

Turkey won’t stand up well to a heavily tannic red, so we’ll save the Cabernet for the holiday roast beef. Better to go with PINOT NOIR, the traditional Thanksgiving favorite. Pinot’s fruit and earthy undertones enhance the flavors of roasted turkey without competing with them.

If your guests prefer a fuller-bodied wine, try some ZINFANDEL. Its spicy jam will pair well and play well with traditional holiday flavors. Of course, there’s always BEAUJOLAIS. This light, fruity wine made from the Gamay grape is released in France in November, making it an instant Thanksgiving classic.

White Wine

Just like we skipped the Cab, we’re going to keep the cork in Chardonnay this Thanksgiving. We want whites that are fruity and refreshing, so our first pick would be SAUVIGNON BLANC. Its crisp, citrus acidity is perfect for turkey and all the fixings. RIESLING is another favorite given that its floral, fruity flavor pairs well with the season’s herb and spice-heavy foods. And don’t forget crisp, fruity ROSÉ! It goes with everything and is very insta-worthy!


It is a holiday, so why not break out the bubbly? CHAMPAGNE is a great way to get the celebration started so serve it with appetizers as your guests arrive. If you plan to serve sparkling wines at dinner, however, make sure you serve a dry or brut wine.

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