Winter Wines

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Winter Wines

When the temperature drops and the days grow short, it’s time to break out some hearty wines. These robust wines will help to keep you warm over the long winter months.


A perfect pair for fatty, rich winter foods, wines made from the Nebbiolo grape boast powerful tannins and high acidity. Nebbiolo grapes go into Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as wines labeled as the varietal.


Sangiovese possesses the high acid and tannin content that’s characteristic of Italian wines. Earthy and rustic, it goes well alongside all kinds of winter foods, including vegetarian dishes.


With its spicy, jammy flavors, Zinfandel holds up to hearty, warming foods, and its high alcoholic kick makes it the perfect red to sip on a cold winter’s night.

Oaked Chardonnay

The toasty, warm flavors of oak-aged Chardonnay such as burnt sugar, vanilla, and spice. Chardonnay aged in oak makes a perfect winter white with a medium body and plenty of warm, toasted, buttery characteristics.

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